Ph102 Course Page - Introduction to the Uncommon Commonsense Liberal Art of Philosophical Reading

Welcome to the Philosophy 102 (Ph102) Course Page!

Course Description: This course is an introduction to the lost art of uncommon commonsense, or philosophical, reading. Its chief aim is to improve a student’s ability to understand how to read a difficult book of any kind, especially a difficult philosophical, or science, book.

Educational Consultants: This course will be co-conducted by Peter A. Redpath and Kelly Fitzsimmons-Burton

Dr. Fitzsimmons-Burron received a B.A. in Philosophy from Arizona State University (ASU) in 1997, another B.A., in Literature, from ASU in the same year; and an M.A. Philosophy from ASU, in 2000. She received  Ph.D. in Humanities with an emphasis in Philosophy from Faulkner University in 2017. She is a co-founder and publisher of Public Philosophy Press (Public Philosophy Press and The Journal of Public Philosophy (Journal of Public Philosophy).


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