Ph101 Course Page - Philosophy/Science as Uncommon Commonsense Wisdom (Orientation Course)

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Course Description: This course is a study of the nature of common sense and how philosophy and science, when properly understood, are identical: are simply a species of common sense—an uncommon commonsense enterprise in the best of individual and transcultural/transgenerational commonsense wisdom.

Of the heavens, Sigmund Grimm and Marx Wirsung, 1519.1 Public Domain

Educational Consultant: Dr. Peter A. Redpath was Professor of Philosophy at St. John’s University from 1970 to 2010. Author/editor of 18 philosophical books and many dozens of articles and book reviews; over 200 invited guest lectures nationally and internationally; Founder and CEO of the Aquinas School of Leadership; co-founder of the Gilson Society (USA) and The International Etienne Gilson Society; former vice-president of the American Maritain Association; Founding Chairman of the Board of the Angelicum Academy; Member of the Board of the Great Books Academy; former member Board of Trustees of the Institute for Advanced Philosophic Research; member of Board and Executive Committee of the Catholic Education Foundation; Academician of The Catholic Academy of Sciences (USA); former executive editor of Value Inquiry Book Series; former editor of the Studies in the History of Western Philosophy (SHWP), editor of the Gilson Studies (GS) special series for Editions Rodopi, B. V.; former associate editor and advisor to the journal Contemporary Philosophy; recipient of the recipient of St. John’s University’s Outstanding Achievement Award, and Socratic Fellowship Award from the Great Books Academy; inaugural inductee as distinguished alumnus of Xaverian High School; former Graduate Fellow of SUNY at Buffalo; and the only non-Polish scholar to be presented with the Laudatio Achievement Award for attainment of intellectual and organizational wisdom, from the Department of Philosophy, Culture, and Art at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Lublin, Poland. In 2010, Dr. Redpath moved to Cave Creek, AZ in part to devote his time to teaching for and developing different philosophical projects. For more information about Dr. Redpath visit his website at:

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1     Depiction of Aristotle’s Universe from his chief cosmological treatise, De Caelo et Mundo (On the Heavens and Earth), ca. 350 B.C.