Ph 105 Course Page - Listening to and Reading Platonic Dialogues: Meno and Gorgias

 Welcome to the Philosophy 105 (Ph105) Course Page!

Course Description: This course is an introduction to application of the lost liberal art of philosophical, or uncommon commonsense, listening and reading for the chief aim of achieving a meeting of understandings between a listener or reader and the philosopher Plato related to the meaning of these dialogues considered as a whole conversations, and in their different conversational parts. By a meeting of understandings, we mean that the reader’s understanding of what Plato is saying in these dialogues considered as whole conversations, and as conversational parts, will totally, or almost totally, agree with, match, what Plato understood himself to be saying to his listening and reading audience when he composed these works or talked about them in Ancient Greece in the 4th century BC.

Educational Consultants: This course will be co-conducted by Peter A. Redpath and Kelly Fitzsimmons-Burton


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